1769 North Westridge Road, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Project Details







For this exquisite two-story residence at 1769 Westridge Rd in Los Angeles, DG Home Design and Staging executed a comprehensive luxury staging project that transformed the space into a high-end masterpiece. Our team curated an inviting and sophisticated ambiance using luxurious furniture, elegant decor, and bespoke accents. The living area, showcased here, features plush, curved sofas, chic armchairs, and tasteful coffee tables that enhance the room’s grandeur. The selection of warm, neutral tones paired with strategic pops of color creates a balanced, upscale atmosphere that captivates potential buyers.

Throughout the home, we emphasized elegance and comfort, selecting high-end artwork, stylish decor pieces, and sophisticated accessories to elevate each space. The master suite and outdoor areas were designed as serene retreats, featuring premium bedding, spa-like baths, and chic outdoor furniture, perfect for entertaining. By meticulously blending luxury elements with functional design, we transformed this already magnificent property into an irresistible showcase, poised to attract and impress discerning buyers.