12 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

It is important to make a good first impression, and a home’s exterior has become an essential component in drawing attention to a piece of real estate. If you make your house exterior look nice, it will not be attractive but also fulfilling when you return from your day-to-day activities.

It is in your best interest to investigate your various choices to increase your home’s marketability. Regardless of the style of your home, whether it is contemporary or traditional, there are small and large alterations that you can make to increase its desirability to potential buyers.

This article highlights 12 ways to upgrade your home exterior.

What Are the 12 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Exterior?

Changing the exterior proportions

When performing a large restoration on a building, it is frequently worthwhile to alter the general proportions of the structure. It is possible to accomplish this by extending a house upwards or outwards to produce a more pleasant balance (and space), improved symmetry, or replace expansions.

However, while changing the exterior proportions of the home, ensure you keep to the material that was early used in building the house. This will help improve your home’s curb appeal to make it more attractive and comfortable.

Illuminating the pathways

The setting of the sun does not signal the end of curb appeal. Using landscape lighting brings attention to the paths and the trees. It makes your home safer and has the potential to produce stunning effects that enhance its appeal when viewed at night. In addition, modern solar landscape lighting can help you save money on energy costs and make your outdoor space more environmentally friendly.

Use container plants

Create instant curb appeal without breaking the bank by using container gardening. You may transform the entrance into a warm and welcoming focal point by placing a few well-selected plants in an attractive arrangement on your home’s front porch. The sizes of both the plants and the containers should be varied, and they should be arranged on multiple levels.

Colorize with vibrant furniture

Put some outdoor furniture in vibrant colors on your front porch to inject some color into the space. By consulting the color wheel, you can pick a hue that goes well with your home decor.

For example, the dark blue-gray paneling can be wonderfully set off by the tangerine orange trim. A simple and inexpensive approach to increase the aesthetic value of your front porch is to furnish it with bright outdoor furniture.

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Exterior
12 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Exterior

Tree planting

If you will sell your property soon, it is best to plant some modest ornamental trees. Suppose you plan to remain in the same location. In that case, it is important to consider the long term and select large, resilient species such as oaks, maples, honey locusts, or any other species appropriate for your area.

Take into consideration fast-growing species or tiny ornamental plants such as pagoda dogwood, redbud, blooming pear, river birch, or Japanese maple; these can offer dramatic appeal without needing to be established for years at a time.

Boosting the concrete

Renovating a simple concrete pathway is a great way to add personality to the outside of your home. To add a sense of playfulness to the surface, brick edging can be installed, or a colorful concrete stain might be used. This simple and inexpensive suggestion for enhancing curb appeal offers a speedy method for remaking your front entry, driveway, or garden walk.

Transforming the roofing

Altering the form of the roof, the exterior covering, or even just improving the look of the already existing tiles can completely transform the way your home appears. This is especially true for bungalows with a very prominent roof compared to other aspects of the structure. Keep in mind that this is not a simple task regarding the design of the outside of a house.

Replacing the roof covering typically comes under your authorized development rights, which does not require planning approval. However, to comply with building standards, you must add roof insulation simultaneously.

The landscape for aesthetic value

You may make the transition from the street to your front steps more seamless using a few simple and inexpensive landscaping solutions. Visitors will appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the clear, winding route that leads them to the entrance of the building.

Plant flowers and shrubs of a medium size all around the walkway. People walking by will notice plant groups more than individual flowers, resulting in a stronger impression on the street.

Changing the windows

Windows are the eyeballs of a house, and if you alter their appearance, you may completely transform the character of your home, particularly if you do it in connection with a larger plan to renovate the space.

You do not need planning permission to select and install replacement windows, change the form and size of existing window openings, or install more windows if you have authorized development rights. However, if you want to keep the period style of a house you own, you need to exercise caution while selecting windows and doors for the house.

If you want your windows to seem nicer from the street, try some of these options that won’t break the bank. Place house shutters or paint the frame in a contemporary color to establish a contrast that is both amusing and elegant to liven up characterless windows. When window boxes are stuffed with verdant vegetation, your home’s façade will come to life.

Upgrade your home’s windows and doors with ones that have a metal frame if you want to give it a modern look while maintaining a style that is in keeping with the home’s era.

Creating porch appeal

If you are blessed with a big front porch, you can transform it into an uncomplicated yet appealing outdoor room using various furniture and accessories. To make a spot that’s perfect for having conversations, you can construct a conversation nook by adding chairs, a porch swing, or a comfortable bench. One frugal approach to improve the appearance of the front of the house is to make the porch available for social gatherings.

Upgrading garage door

The garage door’s appearance plays a significant role in the overall curb appeal of a property. Some of the more expensive variants of sectional doors are designed to look like classic carriage-house doors and can even have windows in the topmost panel of the door.

If replacing your garage door is out of the question, you can give it more personality by installing a pergola, updating the lighting, or painting it to match the color palette of the exterior of your home.

Installing a new storm door

A great number of homes have low-cost aluminum screen doors installed, which conceal a door that is more aesthetically pleasing. You may give your storm door an eye-catching appearance by painting it in an accent color, or you can opt for one that has larger glass panels and a more sturdy frame. Installing a storm door with a full-view design will enable the color of the front door to be seen clearly.


Enhancing your home’s exterior can significantly elevate its curb appeal and overall value. One impactful upgrade is installing a concrete driveway. Not only does it provide a clean and polished look, but it also offers durability and low maintenance. A well-designed concrete driveway can seamlessly integrate with your home’s architecture, adding to its visual appeal. Plus, it enhances functionality by providing a stable and safe surface for parking vehicles and foot traffic. With proper installation and finishing, a concrete driveway can be a lasting investment that enhances both the aesthetics and practicality of your home exterior.

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