The Most Anticipated Interior Design Trends for 2022

Our houses have evolved into safe havens, and in 2022, it is more important than ever to design flexible living areas that accommodate a wide range of requirements. The most recent trend in residential design is centered on adaptability, which entails the creation of living spaces in the home that stimulate the senses and seem attractive not only in our day-to-day lives but also in selfies and Zoom calls.

To do this, conventional houses are undergoing modernization projects that involve adding features such as expressionistic lighting and flex spaces that may be used as yoga or Zen rooms. In addition, a trendy new feature is a one-of-a-kind outdoor area that is steeped in “naturalness” and focuses on coziness.

Let’s have a look at nine hot interior home designs for 2022.

What Are the 9 Most Anticipated Design Trends for 2022?

Multipurpose areas

Due to the sheer rise of the hybrid WFH (work from home) lifestyle, traditional dining rooms and living rooms may soon become extinct. Various activities are causing the transformation and molding of distinct spaces. The backyard is the new social gathering spot.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see people using double-duty dining tables and kitchen islands as workspaces for writing or crafting. It should therefore come as no surprise that the trend toward having two different islands in the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular.

Additionally, guest bedrooms might serve the purpose of an office. Living rooms that are equipped with built-ins can be converted into libraries. The layout of public spaces is becoming more accommodating to our needs and various events.

Exterior-interior connection

Since the pandemic’s beginning, individuals have been forced to spend more time at home than usual, which has helped them realize how important it is to incorporate more aspects of nature inside their homes.

Having a connection with the natural world can help us feel better. As a result, homeowners are shelling out more money to design a home office that is a haven by installing floor-to-ceiling windows, a garden area, and additional plants.

This infatuation with organic forms and excessive biophilic furnishings and decor will have everyone seeing green. The paint companies Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin-Moore have all selected various hues of green to represent the year 2022 as their year’s color. They feel that the presence of green tones in a room can bring about a sense of peace and revitalization. The color green is the hottest new neutral there is!


If the fashion displays for 2022 indicate, maximalism is coming back. More and more people are trying to fill their immediate environment with things that reflect who they are. Expressionistic lighting, such as geo-shaped clusters and swirls, as well as an explosion of vibrant rugs, are becoming increasingly popular.

It is currently trendy to combine modern and old pieces, colorful glassware, and furnishings. Place a disco ball in the basement, and hang some tinsel drapes around the room for even more sparkle. That merely goes to show how daring decor has gotten. But be careful not to go too far with the 1970s decor! You only need a few whimsical and unusual things to pull off this style successfully.

Black Accents

Both versatile and classic, black equipment, lighting, painting, and even tiling are trending right now and offer contrast to natural wood pieces and organic patterns found inside and outside the home. The contrast of black furniture and accessories against white walls may be dazzling. Adding the perfect interest to any room takes a few little touches here and there.

Patterns and textures

Textured textiles and intriguing material patterns will be quite popular in 2022, particularly when applied to walls, floors, paint, and materials used for pillows, throws, and poofs. Herringbone-patterned flooring is another stylish and daring texture that is becoming increasingly popular.

The addition of texture to space may instantly make it cozier. Homeowners are expressing a need for additional texture, and the process of decorating a place is becoming a visual, nearly fifth-dimensional experience.

Designing the entrance

A great first impression of a home can be established with the help of a trendy front door in terms of its style, material, or color. There has been an increase in the number of people searching for information related to front doors; specifically, red front doors, green front doors, iron front doors, and front door handles.

Midcentury Modern on the Mind

It stands to reason that proprietors of homes constructed in the middle of the 20th century, of which there are a great number of examples, are looking for creative methods to modernize their properties in a way that is in keeping with the traditional style of the buildings.

There have been increased ideas for midcentury modern kitchens, but the focus on this design has not been limited to that area alone. The terms “mid-century modern bedroom ideas” and “mid-century modern exterior home ideas” are highly researched today.

Materials and types of products typically connected with the period known as the midcentury are also seeing an increase in demand. Year over year, there was a increase in people looking for “kit kat tile,” “boucle”, and “curved sofa”.


There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of vintage goods. Perhaps for some of you, they were never really out of style, to begin with. A home decorated in a vintage style utilizes furniture, accessories, and color palettes reminiscent of a bygone era when doing so’s interior design. When put together, the components of a vintage style can frequently elicit a warm sensation reminiscent of wonder and nostalgia.

Shopping at antique stores is currently highly fashionable for two reasons: first, it is an environmentally responsible choice, and second, it can give a room a “vibe makeover.” All piece of vintage or reused furniture pays respect to a distinct era in history and has the potential to infuse a room with a great deal of vitality and character.

The fact that you may create a one-of-a-kind look by combining items from several eras into a single vintage ensemble is another advantage of fully embracing the retro fashion movement.


There has been a long tradition in interior design that incorporates houseplants. Still, in the latest days (and continuing into 2022), there has been a significant uptick in the popularity of decorating with an excess of houseplants.

The presence of houseplants in our homes creates a calming environment and enables us to feel more connected to nature, despite the fact that we are inside. Some people have even gone as far as devoting an entire room or even just a portion of it to their plant collection.

It has also been demonstrated that having houseplants and other greenery around can help reduce stress, boost mood, and increase productivity. Plants provide a purpose in addition to enhancing the aesthetic quality of their surroundings.


If you want to perform home staging, you cannot ignore interior design techniques in the industry. This is what will make your house attractive even to potential house buyers. Some possible interior design trends to try include; maximalism, multipurpose areas, interior-exterior connection, etc.

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